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Big Brands and Fresh Fascias

Our team recently attended the BCSC New Generation Seminar “Big Brands and Fresh Facias” held at Hammerson’s Central London offices. The New Generation has been created in order to encourage younger members to engage with the BCSC and its activities. The seminar consisted of three distinctly different presentations from Howard Saunders (founder of Echochamber),...

Pick then Click

The last few years of downturn have taught the industry that conventional shopping patterns will soon be a thing of the past. It is the multi-channel retailers that are forging ahead and seizing new market share – can shopping centre owners do the same?

New offices for Innesco

Innesco is moving to new larger premises in the City next week. Having expanded its client base, the strategic marketing communications consultancy has agreed terms with The City of London to take newly refurbished space in its London Fruit & Wool Exchange building on Brushfield Street,