Embracing collaborative retail: Looking ahead to MAPIC Digital

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Embracing collaborative retail: Looking ahead to MAPIC Digital

The second week of November is always a busy week at Casa Innesco, as it is the week when we as a team get ready for what is arguably one of the most important weeks in the retail property calendar year: #MAPIC. Of course, this year is quite different compared to previous ones; instead of packing our bags, double-checking flight details and making lunch reservations down in Cannes, we have been busy familiarising ourselves with a digital event platform and filling up our calendars with Zoom meetings.

Under the headline Embracing collaborative retail – Ready to change the rules?, MAPIC will offer twelve live sessions (in addition to the many, many sessions already available on-demand on the platform), speed networking sessions and a dedicated leisure programme under the LeisurUp brand – all over two days. The overarching theme of the event is, as one would expect, retail in a post-Covid world.

Like previous years, Innesco is a proud partner of @MAPICWorld itself, helping to drive key discussions and championing the transformed event with media relations and expert articulation.

We also have several other clients involved in different ways. Massimiliano Carello, Head of Strategy and Asset Management at VIA Outlets, participated in one of the pre-recorded sessions already available on the platform – the dedicated outlet panel Outlet Retail: Ready to Change the Rules?. The session, which also included speakers from companies like Neinver and McArthurGlen, discussed current topics such as the unique position of outlets at a time when retailers, as a result of lockdowns, need to offload large amounts of excess stock and whether Covid has accelerated sustainability and digitalisation of the sector.

Another Innesco client, Norwegian developer Oslo S Utvikling, will be a part of the live session Reshaping Urban Landscapes to Be Fit for the Future, which will take place at 3.30pm CET on Wednesday 18 November. OSU’s CEO Synnøve Lyssand Sandberg will partake in a discussion also featuring an eclectic mix of people from companies including Time Out Market and Ingka Centers alongside a Harvard University professor and the Deputy Mayor of Lisbon. The participants will discuss urban development with a particular focus on mixed use and how this will be integrated into the cities of the future – a fitting topic for OSU as it is the master developer behind Oslo’s mixed-use waterfront development Bjørvika. This not-to-be-missed session will be available to watch on this link.

We are also proud to be working together with Georgian Outlets & Resort Group and The Outlet Resource Group (TORG) to launch Tbilisi Outlet Village, an outlet development in Georgia which is set to become the first outlet on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. As part of this monumental launch, Barbara Horatz of TORG presented the project in a session labelled Outlet Industry: What’s New? (available here). Tbilisi Outlet Village is also exhibiting on the virtual exhibition floor, with a dedicated page loaded with brand new content here.

Other interesting sessions we are looking forward to include the keynote session Collaborative Retail: Ready to Change the Rules?, which will highlight the evolution of the retail business model after Covid-19 and fresh approaches to doing business, (Re)Building the Next Retail Generation, which will look at disruption and acceleration of retail in the future and Think Physical Retail, Think Different, which will debate burning questions like how cultural and social changes are reshaping shopping destinations, how the emergence of digitally native brands are reshaping the industry and what the relationship between bricks & mortar and e-commerce will look like in the future.

Whilst we are looking forward to a hopefully not too distant future where we can all meet face-to-face again – and frankly cannot wait to experience the buzz of a physical event down in Cannes again –

we are certain that next week will be a fantastic showcase of what a digital event can be, offering many of the same opportunities to meet, network and learn albeit online. We hope to see you there – and of course, feel free to follow us over at @Inn_Tweets for real-time insights and updates from the event.

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