Eyes of the world on MIPIM

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Eyes of the world on MIPIM

Innesco MD, Dan Innes, has written a piece for MIPIM World Blog as the property world turns it attention to the approaching global conference in Cannes.

From Mipim World Blog, 05.03.2014

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Eyes of the world on MIPIM

Long time “MIPIMite” Dan Innes, shares with us what the event is all about and what we can expect in 2014!

By Dan Innes

With the Sochi Winter Olympics drawn to a close, the eyes of the world now turn to the next high-profile global convention of highly-tuned individuals at the very peak of their professions; no, not the football World Cup, but the 2014 MIPIM Conference in Cannes.

Countries of honour Turkey (having competed in their first ice dancing event this Olympics) and Brazil (still celebrating their personal best of 19th in the two-women bobsleigh) compensate for their medal-less games by joining table-topping Russia as 2014’s countries of honour. These three heavyweights have already made significant headway in the global real estate rankings.

Boasting 86 participating nations (just shy of Sochi’s 88!) and far superior accommodation and facilities, MIPIM will bring together 20,000 individual participants,4,300 investors and over 3,000 CO’s and political leaders for more than 300 events organised by hosts Reed MIDEM. Despite recent news to the contrary, MIPIM now includes Britain’s own star athlete, London Mayor Boris Johnson – who early this morning addressed 500 at the @MoversShakersUK breakfast in London – a perfect primer ahead of the annual pilgrimage to Cannes.

As the world’s largest property market, MIPIM combines all of the key players in the real-estate business; investors from India, developers of Dubai, English end-users, Hungarian hotel groups and Polish public authorities, all gathered in Cannes for four (nearly five!) intensive days of networking, matchmaking and development of international business relations. We find it presents the ideal stage for news announcements; to generate new ideas, stimulate dialogue and seal contracts and partnerships with our international colleagues and clients.

Against a backdrop of major contemporary challenges, such as shifting geographical power, tension on financial markets and growing environmental regulations, the importance of harnessing cross border trade and investment flows has never been greater. MIPIM presents an unique and exciting opportunity for companies and individuals to interact outside the usual constraints of their domestic lives, offering an exclusive window into global trends around the world of real estate. An array of presentations by leading thinkers in their field, from billionaire entrepreneurs to visionary economists pepper the keynote roster unlike anywhere else.

Such names promise to attract the gaze of the world’s media too, through journalist briefings and a vast array of social media analysis – and this is where the majority ofInnesco’s traffic and currency resides during the Expo. Stay tuned to the MIPIMWorld Blog, and follow us all on Twitter with #MIPIM! Launches and exhibition stands also offer exciting and often dramatic exposure – we’ll be grabbing our copies from the hotel foyers around town.

So, with under a week to go until the conference commences, excitement is high for what promises to be an excellent event. No matter what your objective, just ensure you’ve done your homework and planned your diary – the experience is akin to jumping onto a 120 hour freight train of meetings, canapés, handshakes, tweets and presentations. And what’s more, the economic climate dictates it could be the best MIPIM for many years. See you there!

Written by Dan InnesMD Innesco,Tweeting and blogging from MIPIM; @DanInnes and our MIPIM team @INN_Tweets

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