Karl Lagerfeld London flagship store now open

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Karl Lagerfeld London flagship store now open

With the sun shining, today was perfect to pay a visit to the brand new Karl Lagerfeld store. Unsurprisingly, he has chosen Regent Street for the location of his first London boutique. And because size matters on Regent Street, the 2,700 sq ft store is also becoming his largest boutique in Europe. So what’s in store?

The Karl Lagerfeld boutique is all about Karl himself. He is everywhere, from the pictures on the walls to his lookalike tokidoki figurines.

True to Karl’s black and white signature throughout, the two-floor boutique showcases a range of chic and trendy women’s and men’s wear, perfumes and accessories. It is not all monochrome though, to celebrate his arrival in the UK, Karl Lagerfeld has launched a Brit inspired collection.

Very innovative, the store features iPads on each rail, for customers to browse through the latest collections and share pictures on social media. If you are a real fan, you can also leave personal notes for the designer.

So, if you want to buy a piece of Karl, it’s on 145-147 Regent Street…

…and if you can’t wait to get down there, check out 10 of Karl’s classic quotes (according to Glamour Magazine)

1.     “What I’ve done, Coco Chanel would never have done. She would have hated it.”

2.     “I think tattoos are horrible. It’s like living in a Pucci dress full-time”

3.     “I drink Diet Coke from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed.”

4.     “Work is making a living out of being bored.”

5.     “He is very middle-of-the-road French-very pied-noir, very provincial.”

6.     “Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.”

7.     “Life is not a beauty contest, some [ugly people] are great. What I hate is nasty, ugly people… the worst is ugly, short men. Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will not forgive in life… they are mean and they want to kill you.”

8.     “If you see it you will think about everything except sex, because it is the unsexiest room ever. I love unsexy bedrooms.”

9.     “They are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly”.

10.  “The most important piece in the house is the garbage can.”


Charlotte Fougeres, Account Manager

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