MIPIM – 10 tips for 2020!

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MIPIM – 10 tips for 2020!

1. Weather isn’t a problem now at Cannes, so no need to pack the brolly. Thanks to the Krasnodar Region sponsorship, cloudburst technology keeps the rain away, allowing Reed to promise clear sunny skies. Beach restaurants do their best trade ever, and runway presentations are held on Jetty. Pack your suncream!

2. Meetings are quick and clinical because of diary apps driven by free fibre-optic wifi technology available right across Cannes. Reed invested in Cannes in 2015 and the town now functions as an international hub. Even transit times from meeting location to location can be factored in. Less important executives back at home in Hanover Square will enjoy the same experience* thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality networks first feted at the 2013 show. *See ReedMidem rates for registration cost and access codes.

3. Never a need to miss anything because of your Google Glass head-up display. No longer unsightly as they were at launch, even when talking to Rupert about bonds, you can be checking in with Sergei acquiring the logistics portfolio – all whilst sporting your D&G Google glasses. After Google’s sponsorship of the entire 2014 show, the reality of clicks versus bricks finally hits home in the cigar rooms of Mayfair.

4. Attire used to be Savile Row all the way at MIPIM. “Don’t wear anything to stand out from the crowd” the Agency heads said- but try telling that to the ladies. Sports casual and Luxe Sport is now the accepted norm for the Euromale, leaving paisley Philip and brogued Bertrand behind in the fashion stakes. High heel sneakers are saving ladies soles all over town.

5. Planning ahead is simple because the MIPIM app now runs smoothly. After several years of lobbying and bug fixes, it now actually includes everyone’s name and contact details, including email and social networks, as well as permeability in and around the Palais. It is updated in real time, and is the most trusted tool at MIPIM.

6. Delegate badges used to be the preserve of the super rich and super important, but since the price reduction and rebasing against competing global events, even Scottish law firms are taking space this year. Attendance is up by 20% as a result.

7. Social media is prevalent and the norm. 50% of CEOs now adopt social media to engage with their stakeholders on a more personal and meaningful level – compared with 12% in 2013. The conference network platform also reports in real time how new connections and numbers of meetings are up by 35%.

8. The big five Agents are out there on their own, with their competitors not only priced out of the market, but shown up by lack of expertise. These agents are the “squeezed middle” of mipim – beaten by the scale of the big boys, and the nimble expertise of the boutique consultant.

9. MIPIM is the playground of the female CEO. There are more female C-suite attendees than ever before. No sign of male hired help on the Croisette just yet though.

10. Health and stamina at MIPIM is finally assured because of super pills. Originally on the black market and used by cyclists, these are now into high-flyers’ wash bags. Berocca is just sooo last season!

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