The Scottish referendum – Exit clause or no exit clause?

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The Scottish referendum – Exit clause or no exit clause?

When Scotland’s 16-and-ups go to the polls on Thursday (that traditional day of ‘British’ voting), they will be considering one of two options. A vote to stay in the UK or a vote to leave and become a fully independent Scotland. Now that really is something you know already!

But what is less obvious is the complete lack of urgency among the ‘Better together’ backers – until now of course. The papers are now heaving with coverage. The Telegraph says: ‘Yes vote threat to Scottish manufacturing’. While the FT states: ‘Cameron in final pitch to Scots‘ and ‘Union backers rally round Trafalgar square’. The Independent says we have just ‘Two days to save the union’. The Guardian appears to indicate that Cameron is perhaps on his way out of Scotland for the last time; ‘Cameron’s parting plea to Scots’.

While this is sudden, owing to the close proximity of people journeying to the polls there have been a vocal minority for a while – I like to think of them as heroes. With 700,000 registered to vote by post (submissions were coming in two weeks ago), it may well be too late for the last minute Westminster push.

Alastair Darling the former Chancellor, who already possesses infamy for holding the reigns when the global recession struck in 2007, has taken up the sword in defence of the UK. He is a modern day knight, fighting in defence of the kingdom, that will no doubt be rewarded with a tap on the shoulder if his campaign proves successful.

Accompanying our political hero is a corporate one – Standard Life. The Scottish based corporate giant have been vocal in the problems with a yes vote, this dates back to February. Threatening to leave their Edinburgh base if the UK is split, this should is an important crutch for the ‘Better together’ campaign.

Soon the uncertainty will end, and this is crucial for those in the Real Estate industry. Exit clauses have become the norm for property negotiations in Scotland and with prices set to drop with a ‘yes’ vote, many business deals are on hold. But thankfully not for long, with a yes vote there will be many more negotiations ahead.

Thursday will really show us how the individual battles have gone. Salmond vs. Darling. Standard Life vs. Franz Ferdinand. Russia vs. the US. And finally, Yes vs. No.

As pollmania has swept the country and panic has officially set in. We (the Innesco team) would like to put fears at rest by revealing our own predictive poll.

Yes vote – 41.5%

No vote – 58.5%

Cue wild celebrations, and a weekend trip to Scotland in the coming months.

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