Three films: Seven Dials Market, London

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Three films: Seven Dials Market, London

In PR and marketing keeping your finger firmly on the pulse is one thing, but living, breathing and understanding the sector is another. In order to articulate success, you need to experience the hottest retail and real estate concepts it first-hand.

This week we took a trip to @Shaftesburyplc ‘s  #SevenDialsMarket near Covent Garden, the latest addition to the proliferation of food hall concepts in the UK capital in the last few years.

Operated by acclaimed street food player, @KERB_, Seven Dials serves up a smörgåsbord of pure artisanry, London heritage and culinary innovation from within an old banana and cucumber warehouse.

It was an eclectic experience, evoking a sense of London’s unique street food culture and the city’s proud reputation for supporting young creatives and entrepreneurs.

Divided into teams, we were tasked with capturing the experience and the story behind #SevenDialsMarket in a short social media film – in one hour. Armed with a bag of filming gadgets and an insatiable appetite for good food, we got to work, relishing a bit of healthy competition along the way.

Initially intended to be a simple exercise in visual communication, the sum of our efforts was something much more interesting; three totally diverse styles of filmmaking, each providing a different perspective on a place, yet equally effective in communicating its DNA.

You can find our films below.

David’s Journey

David and Astrid produced a film with a personal touch; one person’s journey through Seven Dials Market. Their use of tracking shots immerses the viewer in the story – while the choice of content gives a clear illustration of the market’s experiential offering.

Tastes like London

Priscillia and Anna adopted a similarly personal filming style, but utilised a range of editing software and filters to bring the content to life and into the realm of social. They also encouraged vendors to engage with the camera, which is an effective method for achieving a sense of community and conviviality in a place.

#InnVists Shaftesbury Market 

Lastly, my own video achieved more of a corporate feel with a dynamic sequence of colourful imagery, slow-motion close-ups and sped-up panning shots, spliced together with quick transitions. The result is a rounded perspective on Seven Dials Market; an amalgamation of key messages that seemingly fly by, yet still register with impact

Andrew Smith, Senior Account Executive, Innesco

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