Where did the Innesco team holiday this year?

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Where did the Innesco team holiday this year?

Normandy, France

Location: We went to Normandy for a fortnight to get away from the London lifestyle.

Why there?: A simple holiday we could enjoy some stunning beaches and dunes.

What you got up to?: Remarkably quiet given the height of summer and the sunshine – and also to browse and graze at the local markets with their fresh regional produce.

If I were to go back, I would change…French restaurant service can be abrupt or inefficient – then again it is world renowned; would we ever want to change that? Around the towns and villages of Normandy there’s always new experiences to take home and start the Autumn refreshed and reenergised!

dan holi pic

Dan Innes, MD


Cayman Islands

Location: Our break was to the Cayman Islands for ten days, to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with my girlfriend and her family.

Why there?: What a place to relax and soak in the sun on sandy beaches with my loved ones!  We managed to fit in some snorkelling, diving and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the turtles at a sanctuary. We were also lucky enough to have a few kayaks, the attached photo is one I took from a kayak in the waters just off our back door.

If I were to go back I would…pack more sun protection!

toby pic


California & Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire 

Why there?: To visit family and friends

What you got up to?: Lots of BBQ and pool lounging around, saw our family’s favourite comedian (Brian Regan) in concert, Went to Disneyland (as you do), enjoyed wine tasting, botanical gardens, spoke at my local rotary club about being a Rotary Global Ambassador to the UK / at wilderness – camped, saw great bands like Glass Animals, Shura and Lianne La Havas, swam in the lake and danced a lot!

If I were to go back, I would change…In California, I would’ve packed less clothes so I could fit my dog in my suitcase and bring him back with me/ at Wilderness – remember to bring conditioner because my hair was a bit too ‘on theme’.

taylore image taylore 2

Taylore Hunt, Account Manager


Bali & The Gili Islands

Why there?: My brother and I thought where else better to catch some waves and rays but Indonesia’s most sought out travel destination.

What you got up to?: Our travels started as we ventured through the busier towns of Seminyak and Ubud where trips to local Balinese food markets and spas satisfied both our appetites and inner zen. In Ubud, we managed to visit their Sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary, cherish a morning wash with some elephants, trail to find the hidden Tegenungan Waterfall as well as climbing the active volcano Mount Butur! In stark contrast, our time on the Gili Islands was mainly spent soaking up the sun on their beautiful white sand beaches, with a spot of diving around their Turtle Bay proving to be best experience of the trip!

If I were to go back, I would change…the time it took me to decide if I wanted to go diving! Had I of known that I was going to see around 15 turtles amongst schools of the most colourful fish I could imagine, I wouldn’t have wasted any time…or air!

callam hol piccallm hol pic 2callam hol pic 3

Callam Atwal, Account Executive


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