Why Sisterhood In The Workplace Matters, Now More Than Ever

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Why Sisterhood In The Workplace Matters, Now More Than Ever

In the last 12 months – more than ever before – we’ve felt the benefit of having a strong support system around us, both in and out of the workplace. When it comes to women supporting women, a survey found that 94% of us felt there was a need for networking groups that specifically cater to the career progression of the female workforce. So, how can you become part of the change? Online communities, like AllBright Digital, could be the answer, helping women everywhere navigate working life together.

A Year Of Reflection 

Reflecting on almost a year since lockdown began, the pandemic has shed light on some of the hurdles we, as women, were already facing at work. Data found by the UN shows that the pandemic has impacted the way women work worldwide, seeing them carry out more unpaid chores and care work, with the prospect of undoing 30 years of purposeful progress threatening to become a reality. 

However, in a survey carried out in November 2020 by the team at AllBright, it was found that half (51%) of those asked are building their digital communities more than ever before, signalling a rise in women turning to technology to network, while face-to-face meetings remain restricted.

Women Make Businesses Better 

But how does the impact of female comradery in the workplace really make a difference? Research has found that having access to a close female community helps boost women in securing executive roles – and higher salaries, too. Businesses with women on boards are on the rise, with FTSE revealing last year that 33% of their 100 board members are now women, up from just 12.5% in less than a decade.  

Working Wellbeing For Women  

Strong female relationships make women more resilient and happier, too. A study from UCLA found that when facing adversity, women are more likely than men to reach out to each other, which, with remote working on the rise, is more essential than ever. 

Find Sisterhood At AllBright  

Since the start of the pandemic, the way we connect has changed, but your ability to build relationships that matter should be more important than ever. In 2020, AllBright went digital, bringing you their schedule of engaging articles, inspiring events and insightful Academy courses – even while we’re apart.

Kate Haines, AllBright

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